Essence of the Topkapi Palace




“Of the air and water” – We all know that the Turks love to converse, sometimes a little bit too much, and sometimes about a whole load of nothing. This is a great way of describing this sort of chatter. There’s no love lost for our Turks though. Because of their talkative nature I would have them as the narrator to my favourite movie (say hello to my little friend). And this journey is the reason why:

Deep in the heart of Istanbul near the sounds and sights of beautiful waters, you will find the Seraglio (insert dramatic music) popularly known as the Topkapi Palace. There’s a lot history to this location that my dearest Evelina found herself in. Such history dates back to the 15th Century where this current location was used as the residence and headquarters of the Ottoman sultans. Nifty right?

I like this type of history. I try and picture myself in Evelina’s shoes and put myself in this historical place and just inhale the air and the smell of years and years of fame, battle, love, blood, tears and pain. It gets you thinking of how the world used to be, how it is now and how it needs to be which is a debate I will leave for later.

I truly apologize for not using an image of the Seraglio itself and instead I used the view. Water, land and boats. This would be the reason for my travels; the history and the amazing views. If you want to see more pictures then give us a big follow and visit my good friends blog; her travels have been beyond the word beautiful.


Thank you Evelina


Photo Credit: Evelina Di Lauro

Source: Essence of the Topkapi Palace

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