Goan Guisado de Galinha – Chicken Stew Recipe

I’m from Africa and in Southern Africa we love our chicken. Whether its grilled, stewed, fried (mostly) or smoked, or however its cooked; we love it nonetheless. I was really tempted to show you guys the beer-infused fried chicken that I made last Christmas but, I had to turn to Nandini for some good old home-cooking.

What attracts me to this succulent dish is the colour. The chicken looks tender and not rough, skin kinda looks a bit crunchy which you always want. And there isn’t that much oil which is always a bonus. An added bonus is that Nandini’s blog will give you step-by-step instructions on how to recreate this beauty.

So please follow and have fun in the kitchen. A healthy body leads a healthy life.

Photo Credit: Nandini

Source: Goan Guisado de Galinha – Chicken Stew Recipe

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