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Hey there lovely people, Thank you for sending sunshine here on Justified Ecstasy. A short series on Conversations with my femininity is my new little big project, so here’s a preamble to bring us up to speed. A popular saying; ‘’Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls’’. However, it’s a tragic […]

I read this blog this morning and thought to myself that if we had more people like this in our world then maybe the conversation about equality would be so different. As a man I have no right to question any challenges or experiences that my female counterparts have gone through.

All I can offer is my support for women empowerment and equality. It is about time we realize that neither sex can do without the other and that alone speaks volumes of where man and woman can be together in the future.

I loved reading this by Justified Ecstasy Please follow and go through as much as you can.


Photo Credit: Lyra Aoko


via Conversations with my Femininity#Preamble — justifiedecstasy


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