Essence of the Topkapi Palace

  HAVADAN SUDAN   “Of the air and water” - We all know that the Turks love to converse, sometimes a little bit too much, and sometimes about a whole load of nothing. This is a great way of describing this sort of chatter. There's no love lost for our Turks though. Because of their talkative... Continue Reading →

Roast duck, potatoes

  Every time someone mentions roasted duck I think of Christmas or Easter or any other occasion my family gets together and hangs out. I have to admit, there is rarely an occasion that we all really get together, because my brother has a family of his own and my sister has her family. When... Continue Reading →

Addictive Adolescence

What's the best place between night and day? Where the noon meets the moon for better, brighter ways. Its that living, dreaming for a better vision. But the consequences got your life overspending. And you know we just thrilling, better yet we be chilling, groupie living, dreaming for better vision.   I can't sleep at... Continue Reading →

Wet Dream

What are you? I closed my eyes. Yet I feared the dark. The things of this world truly know how to grip our emotions apart. A perfume smell lingered in the air; burnt vinegar and dash of white-rose essence.  A temptress? Who could know? Am I alone? Who could know! I try to move. I don't... Continue Reading →

La Dolce Vita – Taormina

VENI VIDI AMAVI! The beauty of Taormina is a sight for sore eyes. As it does nothing but, hug the Mediterranean Sea; the long soft beaches make it so lively and welcoming. I envy my blogging compatriot Evelina for going through such an experience but, at the same time I am truly grateful for being... Continue Reading →

Goan Guisado de Galinha – Chicken Stew Recipe

I'm from Africa and in Southern Africa we love our chicken. Whether its grilled, stewed, fried (mostly) or smoked, or however its cooked; we love it nonetheless. I was really tempted to show you guys the beer-infused fried chicken that I made last Christmas but, I had to turn to Nandini for some good old... Continue Reading →

Comparing The Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro vs. Nintendo Switch

Its that time again! Whose ahead of who in the gaming world! I got my eyes set on the PS4pro but, we cannot deny the fact that the XboxOneX will be a very big rival when it comes out on sale. At one point I was set on getting the new xbox but, my heart... Continue Reading →

A Testimony to My Life

ONE A testimony to my life as I trace back the dream that never was but, always was the mistress of my temple, the shoulder to my bone and the piston in my drive. STILL; bones break and pistons erode, how do I make anew? But, so easily her smile makes me venture and her... Continue Reading →

Drinking Magic Water — Doodlewash

  For today’s prompt of “water,” I kept it ink-free and also with a limited palette again, just introducing a bit of yellow. I realize now that I have painted lime water quite a few times, but it’s a bit more interesting than just the plain liquid both on paper and in reality. During the warm…... Continue Reading →

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