Drafted to the Friendlies

I missed a lot of time with you The day kept beckoning a promise I left anew I didn't know whether to stick or twist So I flew... My insides were torn to bits Thinking of you made me reminisce How I would have loved to shoot my shot Only to be discouraged before I... Continue Reading →

I walked into a room filled with malice Intent drenched with blood - it was rather pungent Reaching for the far depths of depression that drew me here Wondering what lies was the horned-man loudly whispering I walked into this room and yet now I lay flat Trapped and engulfed Pulled back And... And, I... Continue Reading →

Man on fire

Filled with pain  And gripped with power Feeling their heartbeats wane  He gathers strength in this final hour To break bread in the enemy’s lane? All he could do was cower His shaking felt mundane Too late, a voice whispered, 'nothing good comes from all that desires fame' A menacing figure hovers over like a... Continue Reading →


Speaking to myself Hoping my straight words don't bend the self I reached a point where angles melt Welding the ore between laced joints And then the devil spoke... Whispering nonsensicals; trynna make me choke For a minute I delight in the comfort of its false-warmth Inhaling gaseous elements, exhaling the filth Watching the round... Continue Reading →

I attest to the moon That this 30 will come with a new tune Bold and renewed Out with the old To make space for the new view From this bridge I drop notes Dotting out the outdated points While crossing knots and circles Like shaving the rust off heavy metals Not forgetting to use... Continue Reading →

Conversations: Prism-like-Affair 1

In this particular Conversations episode we highlight what happens when you try to defy the laws of karma in relationships. It's pretty simple really. You're walking in a neighborhood and you come across a sign that says 'do not enter, guard dog on duty' - defying karma is when you ignore the obvious signs to... Continue Reading →


If I tiptoed high enough If I gave all that time would want Would I grow big & strong enough Beyond this tree to touch the sky & the stars above Or maybe I’d be still Like water from a tin cup Waiting to be poured So I can spread the clearest positive noise you’ve... Continue Reading →

Update – Leave the baggage

It’s been a minute since I blessed this page with some sober words. Between losing jobs and corona jabs it’s really been a stale bread type of year. So this is me reporting in to the locals just to give a friendly reminder that all is well...for now. Trying to leave all the drama behind... Continue Reading →


I don't usually write on Mondays let alone post anything blog related on a Monday. I had so much disdain for the day that it used to mess up how I started the week. The work experience I had in SA a few years ago fixed that though but, old habits die hard and I... Continue Reading →

Across the Divide

When time was on my side I would look up across the divide Splendid lives Spurned between bonds &ties I would realize Our lives was like dirt Multiplied Grown deep Over galaxies Branching off stars from fantasies That boy in me didn’t hide He glared back across the divide Those timid eyes Ready to rip... Continue Reading →

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