Conversations: Prism-like-Affair 2

PREVIOUSLY... As Ridges gaze meets Cheyenne he suddenly feels an extreme pain in his gut. Was this a trick he thought? Why the f**k was his mistress Cheyenne in his house with a great big smile on her face like as if she was proud to be in this predicament – with Teddy on top of that…... Continue Reading →

Dgshxteirolzx Hduiosb!?

I painted once... Hopelessly trying to connect the dots Critically thinking that this month may come with new plots Knots by twelve tightly bound with only two left extending Jots scribbled with miracle verses blending Intending for those two months left to carry us through Pretending these last ten months didn't just left us few... Continue Reading →

There’s nothing quite quintessential as a voyage A journey past many elaborate mazes filled with love and carnage A calm so steady in my heart In a life violently shaking to play its part I love God for the many things The big things and so much so, the little things The connections in the... Continue Reading →

I look back at these past days and I seem to find myself closer Closer to the corner where insanity and spiritual sanity meet I find it hard to describe how I feel; of late, I've let the driver of my soul take the wheel I find myself being taken up as high as Keplers'... Continue Reading →

Conversations: Snooze-Lose 1

Monsé has returned to school from her therapy sessions. Her surroundings seem the same but, the people she once knew seem to have changed.

Drafted to the Friendlies

I missed a lot of time with you The day kept beckoning a promise I left anew I didn't know whether to stick or twist So I flew... My insides were torn to bits Thinking of you made me reminisce How I would have loved to shoot my shot Only to be discouraged before I... Continue Reading →

I walked into a room filled with malice Intent drenched with blood - it was rather pungent Reaching for the far depths of depression that drew me here Wondering what lies was the horned-man loudly whispering I walked into this room and yet now I lay flat Trapped and engulfed Pulled back And... And, I... Continue Reading →

Man on fire

Filled with pain  And gripped with power Feeling their heartbeats wane  He gathers strength in this final hour To break bread in the enemy’s lane? All he could do was cower His shaking felt mundane Too late, a voice whispered, 'nothing good comes from all that desires fame' A menacing figure hovers over like a... Continue Reading →


Speaking to myself Hoping my straight words don't bend the self I reached a point where angles melt Welding the ore between laced joints And then the devil spoke... Whispering nonsensicals; trynna make me choke For a minute I delight in the comfort of its false-warmth Inhaling gaseous elements, exhaling the filth Watching the round... Continue Reading →

I attest to the moon That this 30 will come with a new tune Bold and renewed Out with the old To make space for the new view From this bridge I drop notes Dotting out the outdated points While crossing knots and circles Like shaving the rust off heavy metals Not forgetting to use... Continue Reading →

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