The right mind is looking back in different faces I look back taken aback by these mysterious places It dawned to me That life was not meant to be For me - I knew what I couldn't use Volume put together with this karma that gave me the blues Evil ways granting existence like a... Continue Reading →

When you get into the knack of writing poetry it seems to never get out of your system I’m like an addict now - can’t get enough The idea of living in the land of the blind where the one-eyed man is king Knowing that the next verse rhymes with the next And the last... Continue Reading →


What I see in her forever glistens Forbidden for others;  like buried treasure under the covers. There’s too much to discover! My dancing eyes run over every curve in disguise. Her beauty multiplies  & yet I just lie Paralyzed Too hard to dare to gaze in her eyes. Chipfeka hembe! Photo Credit: Ava Sol

May the Thirst

Did I say that right? I think I meant to say May the 1st... Who could believe that we're already halfway through 2021, definitely not me! It's almost been that type of year though: a serious sequel to the pandemic in 2020. I've been sitting at home pretty much hoping there isn't a threequel to... Continue Reading →

The Look

Her eyes said it all; a shine that outshone even the brightest dawn Its warmth so undiluted, so unflawed  How precious a moment; so unrelenting - I let it enter me! Filled Perhaps As whole as a feeling could ever be; Her essence was like time passing through me Voluptuous Undiluted remanence cause time lapses... Continue Reading →

Black Pain

Black stains scorch the tips of my fingers Triggered and proud, a nuance of the deadliest crowds  Bewildered and enraged I start to unravel at the edges of these cliffhangers  Mocking each other, we’re so foul The tongue is mighty powerful; shaking, I drop to the ground  Spitting heavy bricks - I didn’t know it... Continue Reading →

Tenet: The Review

YES! I know. It feels like it's been years since we were all talking about this film. I've been stuck traveling backwards into the present through my future if you know what I mean. 😅 My review is late cause I'm honestly not a big ‘movie buff’ as I used to be and this review... Continue Reading →

Clear Sky Water

The way in which the rain connects the sky but, never actually touches... Like inevitable fate that’s easy to drown a grown man in his own senses! Sun waves travel years away to reach all spaces. Is it true that the milky way is like clear sky water? What’s clear is mans differences in many... Continue Reading →

What I’ve been doing

It's been another month since I was last here. I somewhat have no remorse in saying that because the excuse this time outweighs everything and anything. I know that sounds dumb but, certain powers have ways of swaying the human mind. Maybe a part of me didn't want it to be that way or maybe... Continue Reading →

2021: Day 2

2020 was something else. It was hard, long and painful. Who knew we'd have to wear a mask everyday until the foreseeable future. And since it arrived in Zimbabwe, almost a year later we're still in the cold, still battling with our demons and this deadly virus. I’d like to firstly give a word out... Continue Reading →

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