2021: Day 2

2020 was something else. It was hard, long and painful. Who knew we'd have to wear a mask everyday until the foreseeable future. And since it arrived in Zimbabwe, almost a year later we're still in the cold, still battling with our demons and this deadly virus. I’d like to firstly give a word out... Continue Reading →

Of 2020 Xmas

So we are finally here. Another year gone. More resolutions flushed down the toilet and corona did its thing. 🤔 Like a chameleon changing its colours. The sudden shift caught us off-guard. Then came the camouflage and because we were mostly blindsided I can’t say it’s been a productive year on a personal level. Rona... Continue Reading →

Cheesy Pesto Breadsticks — Cookin’ with Mima

I love cheese and I love breadsticks. Please give Cookin’ with Mima a follow and a sub for the most amazing and healthy dishes.

My Meals are on Wheels

Super quick and super delicious, you can whip up a fresh batch of these homemade Cheesy Pesto Breadsticks in no time! Melty mozzarella smothers a layer of rich and herby pesto, all on top of crunchy bread. Ditch take out and opt for these beauties any day of the week! When you have that cheesy…

Cheesy Pesto Breadsticks — Cookin’ with Mima

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Light the Dark Days

When did we start to forget how to fly When did we stop doing things that ought to be done Different in your own ways Different in our own hearts The difference spoke the truth Like the sound of crushing raindrops under my boot I have the proof With just three strikes the rain came... Continue Reading →


'I heard you was once conflicted...' That's what I thought of myself... Is it true that life got me restricted? I wondered Round the city and round the clock Chasing life in circles around the block I miss the times when we packed La Bamba stock Photo Credit: Heart FM Sipping on freezits, we were... Continue Reading →


It's true, we all have our moments Fleeting as they may be, we still have them here and there They constantly churn in our insides With each day comes a new challenge on the outside Immeasurable consequences of dreams left dormant You didn't listen and now all you hear is Gods judgment Like in Dark,... Continue Reading →


Never knew it would take this long I spent all this time trying to find my way here Life takes kings and mambas Wakanda? What kind of year is this is all I'm seeing on the socials Like imagine for a second how the less off have to sit and wait Imagine how the struggle... Continue Reading →


A part of me isn't sure what comes out of this particular post. I thought I'd wake up and put a few words down. I thought I'd catch the early morning whilst its dewy tears were still shining. Alas, another broken record becomes a struggle for a connection. Chasing the moon and the stars... Maybe... Continue Reading →

100 and Something Days

Imagine the human race agreeing to go in the right direction then the world says, 'no, I'm going to the left'.  What do you do? Do you follow like blind sheep with no shepherd? What do you do when it's been 3 whole months, some one hundred and something days since you've seen a paycheck?... Continue Reading →

Of 29

I woke up today feeling determined Feeling loved by loved ones and nothing specific from the haters Another year is gone And even a pandemic won't put me down Even my mood won't be foul Because it is my birthday It is my special day I will be merry and thank the Lord Another year... Continue Reading →

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